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Coursework is more fun than real work!

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Категория: Сочинение
Язык сочинения: Английский
Прислал: Юля Крижевич
Дата создания: 08.04.2011
Дата добавления:   
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              My course work describes a well-known masterpieces of Ukrainian artist Alex Nowakowski, namely, his paintings are devoted to historical figures.Andtalking aboutIwill not, Ibetterstopbefore theimportance of thecourseworkforfuturelife.
            "I think the coursework gave me a basis for understanding what I do; however, no class can completely prepare you for what you will encounter in the workplace."
           “My coursework prepared me really well. The University of Ivan Franco taught me how to write and think. You can figure the rest of the real world out on your own."
          "The coursework is all just water under the bridge. You have to take the courses to get the piece of paper, which then gets you the job. There are all sorts of little bits and pieces learned through schooling that helped me to be successful at what I do. The main thing is that a company will teach you everything that you need to know to be successful at your job."
"The writing and critical-thinking skills helped." "[My coursework prepared me] not at all, but work experience prepared me. "My coursework has become irrelevant."
            "I knew that my degree would not be very practical in the real world. However, while I was pursuing my liberal-arts degree, the economy was doing well, and liberal-arts grads were getting good jobs. That unfortunately changed during my last two years of school."
 "What I have learned at university helped a lot. Especially the practical subjects. I think that there should be more practical work in the field that you are studying. More field experience will help."
"My coursework made me over-prepared. My skills were more advanced than what was required of me in my job. Some courses I should have placed more of an emphasis on are finance, business writing, and process improvement.
"I think school provided a good foundation; however, each company has different procedures and expectations that require adjusting, particularly with technological changes. "My coursework was excellent preparation for the real world. The only thing I need help with is organization."
"Being able to write ... whether analytical or thoughtful ... you have to convey your thoughts in written form [and skills with] computers give you an edge with different generations."
            "Coursework will never directly correlate to what you do. The best education you can receive as an undergrad is learning about yourself, your likes and dislikes, who you are and who you would like to become. Everything else in a job can be learned."
"My coursework prepared me some for the work I am doing. My most useful tool, however, has been my knowledge of computers. That's something I learned through experience and not coursework."
"My coursework prepared me well, but I would say there were some things that I did not know. There are some courses that I wish my college offered because that is what some of the employers are looking for."
            "[My coursework] helped me only in the sense that it caused me to think analytically and to be critical of what I'm exposed to. The actual material has almost nothing to do with what I'm doing now or interested in."
            "[My coursework prepared me] extremely well. The Regent University curriculum for the MA in organizational leadership is incredibly practical, and it helped me tremendously to set up my own business -- and to utilize my knowledge and expertise in my client organizations. It's been a real value-added experience!
"I felt prepared, but many of the skills are developed and honed once you get here. My college program could have left some courses out and replaced them with more relevant ones."
"You learn 10 percent at college and 90 percent in the work force."  "I have had all the training, but cannot find a position in which I can use that knowledge."
"In the education field, I feel you are thrown out to sink or swim. You are on your own, but you will be judged as if you have been in the career for years."
"I found most of the courses that I have taken in the past to be very theoretical and not very realistic. My advice is to learn more from companies and take on projects in the industry that you want to get into."
"I learned tremendously about job-hunting prior to graduation because I was involved with a co-op program at my university. It has helped me to look into the challenge of competing with other candidates for different positions, resume-writing, and really polishing up on research in order to get your foot in the door. Salary negotiation was a bit harder as generally most people I knew simply took on any positions to gain the experience first rather than negotiating for salary up front. This is an area that I wished I had learned more about art and culture"
1Архитектура и строительство
2Астрономия, авиация, космонавтика
3Безопасность жизнедеятельности
5Военная кафедра, гражданская оборона
6География, экономическая география
7Геология и геодезия
8Государственное регулирование и налоги
11Законодательство и право
13Административное право
14Арбитражное процессуальное право
15Банковское право
16Государство и право
17Гражданское право и процесс
18Жилищное право
19Законодательство зарубежных стран
20Земельное право
21Конституционное право
22Конституционное право зарубежных стран
23Международное право
24Муниципальное право
25Налоговое право
26Римское право
27Семейное право
28Таможенное право
29Трудовое право
30Уголовное право и процесс
31Финансовое право
32Хозяйственное право
33Экологическое право
35Иностранные языки
36Информатика, информационные технологии
37Базы данных
38Компьютерные сети
40Искусство и культура
46Историческая личность
48Маркетинг и реклама
50Медицина и здоровье
52Антикризисное управление
53Делопроизводство и документооборот
57Правоохранительные органы
58Криминалистика и криминология
61Юридическая психология
64Сельское хозяйство и землепользование
74Физкультура и спорт
77Экология, охрана природы
78Экономика и финансы
79Анализ хозяйственной деятельности
80Банковское дело и кредитование
81Биржевое дело
82Бухгалтерский учет и аудит
83История экономических учений
84Международные отношения
85Предпринимательство, бизнес, микроэкономика
87Ценные бумаги и фондовый рынок
88Экономика предприятия
89Экономико-математическое моделирование
90Экономическая теория

 Анекдоты - это почти как рефераты, только короткие и смешные Следующий
- Скажите, это подлинник Пикассо?
- Нет. Это обычный календарь с репродукцией. Не пойму, что ввело вас в заблуждение?
- Ценник.

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